These handcrafted wall treatments render the look of hand applied plasters, iron gilding, crackled frescos and textured fabrics. They truly harmonize pattern and texture with a quality that stimulates multiple sensory perceptions at once. As these are handcrafted, all patterns can be custom colored to meet your design needs for as little as 30 yards, or approximately 200 square feet.



Luxurious, handcrafted and hand screened wallcoverings that are quite literally a work of art! Catering to a most discriminating clientele, each production run is custom crafted.

Handcrafted Vol 1

Blending the experience and knowledge of “Old World Artisans” with “New Age Technology” and raw materials, we believe that Winfield Thybony’s distinctive and cutting edge Handcrafted Wallcoverings have no equals as it relates to imagination, design, color, and uncompromised quality.

Handcrafted Vol 2

These luxurious, handcrafted wallcoverings are quite literally a work of art! Catering to a most discriminating clientele, these wallcoverings are custom crafted to each order.


Reminiscent of ancient frescoes and hand-hewn decorative plastering, this selection of unique designs stands out from the crowd. Their translucent qualities play with lighting in unexpected ways, juxtaposing luster against matte, pairing burnished metallic with opaque, layering texture on texture.


Old world hand crafted and hand screened wallpapers, juxtaposing luster against matte, layering texture upon texture. Visione's translucent qualities transform color into mystical settings.

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